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Toyota Highlander 2009 Hybrid

Toyota Highlander 2009 Hybrid – For those looking for more gas mileage from their seven-passenger, mid-size sport-utility automobile, Chevy offers the Highlander multiple. For 2008, the Highlander collection, such as the numerous, was completely remodeled. The greater internal features Lexus-like levels of high-class and improvement. The upgrade wrought a larger Highlander that features nearly 150 cubic legs of interior room. Even compared with bulkier full-size sport-utility automobiles, the Highlander features aggressive internal area and comfort for seven residents, and the third-row chair is even sort of useful this time around.

The gasoline-electric powertrain of the Highlander multiple is identical in idea to the powertrain of the fuel-sipping Chevy Prius. A consistently varying transmitting joins to a 3.3-liter V-6 and two energy engines. The Highlander multiple can be motivated on electrical power alone, energy, or any mixture of the two. The Toyota Highlander 2009 Hybrid multiple also has the ability to closed off the power motor when coming to a stop or when ceased.

The program works unobtrusively and is mainly clear in most situations. There is no need (or functionality) to connect the Highlander multiple, as it restores its battery power energy while your automobile is stopping and by running the energy motor. Battery power energy is installed below the second-row chairs and needs no servicing or extra attention.


Built on a unibody structure, like a car’s, the Toyota Highlander multiple can be considered a cross-over. This endows the Highlander multiple with generating characteristics just like those of a large car, but with a high sitting position. The revocation is fully separate and updated to give a quiet and soft drive that will process most road blemishes with ease, even when built with the optionally available 19-inch tires. Four-wheel generate is conventional on the Highlander multiple and is provided by a third motor unit, which abilities the back tires.

Next, to the standard V-6 Toyota Highlander, the various editions increases city gas mileage from 17 to 27 mpg and lumps the road number from 24 to 25. Most of the benefit of the multiple programs can become a reality in city, low-speed generating where the electrical engines can work more often and take the burden off the energy motor. Although the hybrid’s 3.3-liter V-6 makes less horse energy than the conventional Highlander’s V-6 (209 horsepower compared to 270 horsepower), the multiple version’s motor unit increases overall ability to coordinate the original Highlander’s outcome. Thanks to the painful twisting of the motor unit, the Highlander multiple has quick speeding.

Our only major gripe with the Toyota Highlander multiple is a sensitive braking mechanism your pedal that results from the restorative stopping function. Hybrid-SUV opponents to the Chevy Highlander multiple include the Chevy Lake Tahoe numerous, Avoid Durango multiple, Honda Evade varied, and Rolls Royce RX400h.


Although the Toyota Highlander many costs thousands of dollars more than the current Highlander, the energy performance and ego-inflating characteristics of the multiple editions might just be worth it to some customers. Luckily, everything we like about the standard Highlander is present in the multiple version: excellent internal flexibility, a great website, carlike improvement, and an attractive and massive interior.

What’s New for 2009

The Toyota Highlander multiple is the same for 2009.

Highlights and Recommendations

Shoppers may be in for some tag surprise at the bottom of the Toyota Highlander 2009 Hybrid versatile collection is priced higher than the standard top-of-the-line Highlander Restricted. Luckily, the Highlander multiple comes with a lot of facilities and has conventional four-wheel generate.

Buyers looking for more high-class equipment such as a set internal, a sunroof, a top quality radio stations system, or sat nav might want to step up to the multiple Highlander Restricted, but be careful, as you’ll soon find yourself paying in the mid-$40,000 range for what is basically a nondescript mid-size SUV plus a multiple programs.


Dual front side protection bags, front-seat-mounted side protection bags, a driver’s joint airbag, front-seat active headrests, three-row layer security bags, front seatbelt pre-tensioners, tire-pressure tracking, Anti-lock braking system, grip management, and balance management are all conventional on the Toyota Highlander multiple.

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