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2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review – Chevy doesn’t want its all-new 2014 Toyota Highlander to be colored with the same “Mom Bomb” sweep that’s damaged sales of minivans. So for 2014, Toyota’s covered its huge-selling cross-over SUV in more-angular sheet metal developed to have more guys. There’s also a more vivid grill that’s a little bit similar to the brutish nose of the full-size Tundra pickup, as well as traditional Firefox eyebrows, which appear to be something Woman Crazy desires she had but are in fact far more control.

2014 Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander – Cars Toyota Review

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review

The tires are larger, too, with the platform paint rollers going from 17 to 18 inches extensive, and they sit below more-muscular rim flames. Broader by 0.6 inches and longer by 2.7 inches wide, the new Highlander indeed attacks a somewhat more masculine cause in comparison to the confident 2013 style, although it prevents short of offering a Hummer-like hit of androgenic hormone or testosterone.

Inside, the Highlander’s internal has been “Avalon-sized” with more soft-touch components on the sprint and gates. Chevy confesses to tooth-and-nail competitors from Japanese people nameplates infiltrating the budget of the mid-size cross-over section, so the Japanese people company has stirred in more functions and improvement to slowly shift the Highlander a bit nearer to Cadillac RX350 area. Chevy also says it stiffened the Highlander’s body system, especially in the top and B-pillar area. Lastly, it says it made a point of making the 2014 style less noisy, including new sound windows, a wider front side dash panel silencer, and under-carpet audio deadening.

Newfound Store Space

From the incredibly useful yet also extremely tedious division comes a new touch panel “shelf” above the handwear cover box operating from the passenger’s entrance to just above the driver’s right joint. It’s useful for stashing mobile phones, parking/toll passes, handcuffs, and other detritus. The new tambour-top front side system is an in-depth, 24.5-liter well that’s able, as Chevy confirmed, of having 38 12-ounce containers of your preferred drink.

The HVAC managers have been simple, and there’s a new optionally available spectacular sunroof as well as a warmed innovator and heated-and-cooled first side chairs. A new 8th airbag lives hopefully permanently in the top side passenger-seat support, and there’s a lot of new nanny-style special such as automatic high-beams and blind-spot, returning cross-traffic, pre-collision, and lane-departure caution techniques.

2014 Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander

The 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review now functions a car owner information display between the tach and speedo as well as touch-screen manages for the Entune infotainment program in the middle collection. The board there actions 6.1 inches extensive on platform designs and 8.0 inches wide on XLE cuts and above. Conventional on the more select models, so XLE on up is Driver Simple Conversation, a one-way PA program to the sound system in the rear of the bus. The idea is to allow you to scream at young children in the back again two series more successfully. Or, if you’re crazy, debris at the pallet of Oreos you purchased at Costco.

Toyota Highlander XLE Review Eighth Man Out

Speaking of small fry, Toyota’s increased the new Highlander’s traveler potential to eight. Changing the past model’s swagger returning revocation with a new trailing arm double wishbone installation removed the invasive returning swagger techniques and permitted for a third-row chair that’s 3.7 inches extensive wider. The third row still isn’t a location you’d allocate to anyone you like, although a second-row seat that slips front and aft do allow you to more properly parse out legroom between the rearmost series.

Chevy found the extra area by loss out the top side setbacks, and all chairs have been shifted on a little bit, leading to a 34 percent improve in freight box behind the last row. And Chevy continues to be the only carmaker that still provides a returning liftgate with the individually starting cup.

The2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review gets its muscular from the same powertrains as last year. An 185-hp, 2.7-liter four-cylinder is standard on the price-leader LE style, but most Highlanders will be marketed with the 270-hp 3.5-liter V-6. The general six-speed automated functions guide management, a Snowfall method, and hill-start support. Also standard is Eco mode, which flattens accelerator reaction and causes part-throttle upshifts previously to pull less energy. Hauling potential continues to be at 5000 weight for V-6 designs.

2014 Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander

Optional for V-6 models only is on-demand AWD that is operating in front-drive method unless slipping is recognized. A securing method is standard, though. Four-cylinder EPA reports stay the same as last year’s at 20/25 mpg, but the V-6 figures leap a little bit to 19/25 for front-drive designs and 18/24 for AWDs. A three-motor AWD gas-electric edition of the 2014 Highlander (rated at 27 city/28 highway) will also be available, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to evaluate that one.

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE More Strength, Less Float

Once on the street, the actions Chevy has taken to silent the Highlander’s cottage are instantly visible. The quiet conduct and a sensation of architectural fortitude are main takeaways. The new trailing arm double wishbone returning revocation is usually a space-saving style, but that setup’s enhanced camber management together with decreased rubbing in the vehicle’s variable-boost power guiding equipment provides straight line reaction at submitting and loads up reasonably well at street rates of speed. (In layman’s conditions, that means it’s more precise to a position in vehicle parking lots and about while demanding less guiding improvements on the highway.) The Toyota Highlander seems quite constant at the rate.

Twisting guide still raises its unpleasant head at wide-open-throttle downshifts on front-drive Highlanders, and reviews from the innovator are little. Also, the Highlander’s braking system, while simple to regulate, absence top-of-pedal quality. What’s promising is the 2014 model’s body system movements are better managed and drive wavelengths are a bit smaller in plenitude, offering a relevant comparison to the floatier feel of past designs. Possibilities to deal with twisty returning streets were nonexistent during the media occasion in old Charleston, S.C., so we’re eager for flogging one mercilessly on our home pitch soon.

While the new 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE Review does use some more excellent poor performers, eventually it continues to be the reliable minivan surrogate that it’s always been and that Chevy needs it to be. Need more proof? To promote this style to the public, Toyota’s Extremely Dish ad for the Highlander presented the family-friendly Muppets rather than, say, burly pictures of the experience. (It did have a strong and shirtless Terry Teams, though.) That technique seems sensible, of course, they offer these things by the ton, and Mom Blast or not, no one at Chevy would challenge fix what wasn’t damaged.

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