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2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6 Review Specs

2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6 Review Specs – The 2014 Toyota Highlander joined onto the SUV field in 2001, giving Chevrolet an auto like a stablemate for the 4Runner, empowering the last to be more sensitive to those customers who may take their cars into the trackless range. The Highlander’s bone parts were custom-made from the Camry vehicle and included front-wheel create with the decision of AWD, seats for five, and a quiet identity.

When we put it through its means against two other new-for-’01 utilizes a Honda Traveler and a Chevrolet TrailBlazer the 2014 Highlander succeeded. “Isn’t this what we used to a place wagon?” he asked. What’s more, replied: “That is correct. What’s more, postpone pills work.”

2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6
2014 Highlander AWD V-6 – Cars Toyota Review

2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6 Redesign

This was before the term traverse got to be distinctly a standout amongst the most adaptable conditions in vehicle record. What’s more, here we are, after 13 decades, thinking about the third era 2014 Toyota Highlander. The first standards are primarily the same: front-drive structure, AWD capacity, all-around family-arranged transport. In any case, there’s significantly a greater amount of it.

As opposed to 2001 special, the 2014 Toyota Highlander is 6.7 inches augmented additional time general on a wheelbase very nearly three inches broadened longer than that of the extraordinary. It’s 3.9 inches wide more extensive, 590 weight bulkier than our, similarly, readied 2001 Highlander Restricted, and willing to sitting seven or eight explorers. Make that barely capable for the rearmost two or the voyagers. However, the one of a kind Highlander had areas for just five.

2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6
2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6 – Cars Toyota Review

Growth is unremarkable in this or any other automobile category. What is amazing is that for all its included massive, which consequently needs a larger motor, the new Highlander outperforms its 2001 ancestor in every purpose classification, such as gas mileage.

2014 Toyota Highlander Power to Weight

Despite the fact that the third-era configuration beats the first in straight-ahead dire, it lacks its prompt, second-gen herald a smidgen when gentle changes characteristic. Mated to another six-speed robotized, the 3.5-liter V-6 result figures are unaltered 270 stallion vitality and 248 lb-ft of torque. However, bodyweight has made strides.

Highlander Toyota we inspected in 2008 hit 60 in 7.0 a couple of minutes in contrast with 7.3 for our 2014 dissect plan. That ’08 Highlander was a front-drive design, while this one is all-wheel produce. However, that doesn’t ultimately think for the 350-pound change in control body weight.

2014 Toyota Highlander AWD V-6
2014 Toyota Highlander AWD – Interior – Cars Toyota Review

A portion of the generational abundance body weights are a direct result of the point of view increments 2.7 inches expanded new time general and a half-inch more extensive some to specific engineering solidifying, and some to compelling sound-damping activities.

Still, the spending of this much bulkier 2014 Toyota Highlander in contrast with the one of a kind is vital a lukewarm 8.8 a couple of minutes to 60 in 2001, 16.7 in the quarter-mile at 84 mph. EPA town mpg scores for 2001 and 2014 are comparable at 18. However, the new AWD Highlander cherishes a 2-mpg advantage at 24 mpg road (25 with front side drive). We marked an average 19 mpg in our inspecting of the 2014 outline.

2014 Toyota Highlander The Wardrobe Athlete

For all its more solid outfits, the new 2014 Toyota Highlander is progressively a customary Chevrolet, which is to state quiet, considerate, and careful. These are not awful components for kids transport, and the third era configuration expands those qualities no stun there.

There is an incredible stun anticipating the auto proprietor who has for making a significant avoidance move or is caught with a need to experience level hold and raised energy on an extends of winding returning road.

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