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2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted Review Specs

2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted – And on to the front. Probably right, if you think bulldogs and Sir Winston Churchill are edgy and muscular. Approach from the rear or side, though, and you’ll be okay. Let’s take a look at the freshened-up Toyota 4Runner, beginning at the back: Okay, not bad, lots of clear plastic in the taillights, not much new here. Now the profile, which is familiar, upright, and indeed says “Toyota,” for better or worse.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Exterior

2014 Toyota 4Runner Exterior

2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted Review Specs

Speaking of V-8s, there still isn’t one offered in the 2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted. The ECT-i transmission is the same five-speed automatic Toyota has used for years in both ears- and four-wheel-drive models. The EPA estimates come in at 17/23 mpg city/highway for rear-drive models and 17/22 mpg for the 4×4.

2014 Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner Lifted – Cars Toyota Review

2014 Toyota 4Runner Old fashioned Rugged

This is, startlingly, the 6th era of Toyota’s medium size SUV, which started basically as a pickup with a camper top and advanced to a robust, valuable game cute with little falsification. Gratefully for 4Runner fans, that hasn’t changed.

As one of only a handful few outstanding body-on-casing SUVs, the 4Runner’s general goodness addresses how refined that similarly, antiquated engineering can be when legitimately imagined, kind of how a portion of the present day pushrod V-8 motors advise us that they were indeed a substantial innovation, as well.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted Moving Aboard

The ride is peaceful and shockingly smooth, with an indication of body shake and shudder over huge knocks and railroad intersections. The controlling is more exact than you ‘d expect; the brakes are a smidgen tricky at the highest point of the pedal travel, however, offer direct reaction a short time later.

Without searching around underneath, you ‘d be unable to affirm this is a body-on-edge vehicle from driving progression alone. The Trail’s upholstery is either texture or SofTex manufactured cowhide, the front seats are power-worked, and the Entune sound gets a couple of more components, including route and Gracenote.

On the Limited, the upholstery swings to punctured calfskin, with warmed and ventilated front seats. In each of the three models, the instruments and the controls are very much set, and the seats are agreeable front and back.

2014 Toyota 4Runner
4Runner Lifted – Cars Toyota Review

If you like your SUVs somewhat old-school, it’s anything but difficult to prescribe the 2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted, an excellent, viceless, off-roadable, and, if history is precisely suggestive, tried and true vehicle. Winston Churchill may have driven one, regardless of the possibility that it didn’t have his nose.

The SR5 is utilitarian however barely stripped, the same number of the materials have been redesigned, including the nature of cowhide covering the controlling wheel. The 2014 Toyota 4Runner gets a lot of new inside tech even at this level, with the Entune Audio Plus framework that has a 6.1-inch high-determination screen with a reinforcement camera, a great stereo with CD and SiriusXM capacity and HD Radio and information, and enhanced voice acknowledgment.

Costs haven’t been declared yet shouldn’t fluctuate much from 2013 numbers, which began at $32,335 for a back drive SR5 and went up to $41,875 for a 4×4 Limited. The 4Runner is particular footed rough terrain, and standard downhill help control was useful on sloppy slopes, and likely would be in the snow, as well. Raise drive models to accompany “Auto LSD,” which has no relationship with Timothy Leary, and everything to do with a program restricted slip differential.

2014 Toyota 4Runner
2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted – Interior – Cars Toyota Review

Inside, how sweet you want, your 2014 Toyota 4Runner Lifted to depend on how much you’re interested in paying. There are three models: the base SR5, the Trail (it comes as a 4×4 only), and the upscale Limited.

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