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2009 Toyota Highlander Engine

2009 Toyota Highlander Engine – The already efficient Toyota Highlander gets even more so with a new engine and six-speed transmitting. Already one of the most fuel-efficient crossover SUVs around, the Highlander is positioned to expand its cause over most of the area with an all-new four-cylinder engine. Displacing an excellent 2.7 liters, the four-pot generates an extraordinary 187 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque far less than the 270 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of twisting of the 3.5-liter V-6 that currently provides as the Highlander’s platform motor all on regular unleaded fuel.

2009 Toyota Highlander to Get New Four-Cylinder Engine
Toyota Highlander

2009 Toyota Highlander Engine

Just as important, the new engine comes mated to a similarly clean six-speed automated gearbox that Chevy says will provide spending that “is amazingly fast for a four-cylinder.” Thus prepared, we predict to see an extra 3- to 5-mpg leap in gas mileage from the 18 city/24 road ranking currently provided by the non-hybrid Highlander. If that happens, it will match if not surpass the 21/27 ranking of the Highlander’s more compact brother, the two-wheel-drive, four-cylinder RAV4.

Thank the Highlander’s streamlined whole body and relatively light-weight (curb bodyweight varies from 3979 to 4112 weight for a two-wheel-drive model) for that. The small sized engine should lead to an even reduced overall body weight, but we question we’ll ever explain the Highlander as delicate.

Four-Bangers for All

Mercifully, Chevy will not provide the new four-banger in its all-wheel-drive 2009 Toyota Highlanders Engine, which thinks about-about 200 more weight. Don’t be very impressed, however, to see it discover houses under the hoods of RAV4s, Camrys, and more. We’d add FJ Cruiser motorcycle to this record, but we suspicious that will be a one-generation design.

Two-wheel-drive Highlanders currently begin at $28,320. We think it’s secure to anticipate a four-cylinder design to come in at about $26,000 when it comes to dealerships in Jan of 2009, with reduced functional expenses which make it an even less-expensive undertaking. Meanwhile, Chevy now says it will begin U.S. manufacturing of the Highlander six several weeks starting at its place in New York, In.

Highlander Engine

The very first strategy was to develop 2009 Toyota Highlanders Engine at the manufacturer being built in Red Rises, Ms, at the end of 2009, but when the end of the vehicle industry dropped out, Chevy said it would wait for that shift until May 2010. With to obtain modify, the different schedule is way back in perform, and U.S.-built Highlanders will begin moving off the road in October 2009 after all.

Indiana employees lately ceased developing the Tundra pickup and Sequoia full-size SUV in New York, in a bid to cut stock. Tundra manufacturing will be combined, instantly, at Toyota’s Florida place. New York will continue Sequoia set up in Nov. Prompting much of the plant-swapping was the choice to begin to develop the well-known Prius multiple in the new Ms place, starting at the end of 2010. The Prius and Highlander have currently integrated Asia.

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