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2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews – Joining the all-new Highlander at the Chevy take a position in Chicago, Illinois is the fuel-efficient multiple editions of the new Highlander. Like the past Highlander numerous, the newest various versions is operated by a 3.3-liter V-6 and two electric operated engines (one motor abilities the top side tires while a compact motor unit abilities the back wheels). 

The motor and the top side motor unit are both combined to a consistently varying transmitting (CVT) which is the only transmitting available. The gas-electric combination is excellent for 270 horsepower, the same outcome as the new 3.5-liter V-6 in the non-hybrid Highlander, or two more horse than the past Highlander Hybrid.

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews – Source: – Cars Toyota Review

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Loosely based on the present Camry system, the new 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review is four inches extended more time, three inches wide broader, and trips on three inches longer wheelbase than the last Highlander. As one would anticipate, there is a commensurate surge in the internal area. Second-row residents will find more legroom and flexible captain’s seats that lie down and offer 4.7-inches of fore/aft travel. For those who want a second-row regular, the Highlander conceals a middle chair in a section between the top side seats that provides room for three.

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews – Source: – Cars Toyota Review

Chevy doesn’t particularly discuss a surge in the third-row area, but we anticipate a more huge third row for the two residents unfortunate enough to get trapped back there; the former Highlander had a small third row that was really only excellent for children under 10. For those sitting in the top side row, there is a Lexus-like dash panel and useful plastic materials that look better and feel better than before.

Toyota Highlander Review

Although the increased size contributes a stated 500 weight to the new Highlander’s control weight (we calculate it to be approximately 4700 pounds), Chevy guarantees that the hybrid’ gas mileage will be the same as the past Toyota Highlander Hybrid’s 31 mpg town and 27 mpg road. Speeding should experience as the 500 excess weight are not balanced out by a power improve.

We calculate 0-60 times in the mid-seven-second range. Two cut levels will be provided in the multiple editions (Base and Limited) but compared with the past creation, all Highlander compounds will have all-wheel generate. Significant options include set seats, warmed seats, a touch-screen routing program, an improved radio stations system, and a rear-seat DVD enjoyment program.

Exterior design is in the modern Chevy SUV design language that is, it looks like a bigger edition of the RAV4. In the interest of protection, the bonnet and bumpers are made to provide people effects, and the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review comes with seven security bags along with a motorist’s side joint airbag and layer protection bags for all three series.

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews
2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Reviews Interior – Source: – Cars Toyota Review

Other protection equipment contains, balance management, ABS, grip management, and braking mechanism assist that contributes stopping power in an urgent. No costs information was declared, but we anticipate the system 2008 Highlander Hybrid to start at about $33,000. A completely packed edition should come in just over $40,000.

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